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Pasquale De Lucia

Web Wizard and JavaScript Lover

I craft digital wonders as a Full-stack engineer at ScuolaZoo.

With a solid nine years of web development under my belt, I'm here to make your online dreams a reality.

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price list maker


Price list generator with some utilities

NextJS | Angular

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Rick & Morty

Wiki about Rick and Morty, an adult animated science fiction sitcom


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Jan 2022

Full-stack engineer

I started in this company as a full-stack developer, in the first year I developed a new mobile app for IOS and Android, stabilized a platform to create and print your own diary and started to think about the future technology which could be used in ScuolaZoo. In the second year I projected the architecture of all new systems that will replace the old ecosystem, reaching the full-stack engineer promotion.

Mar 2019

Lead front-end

Worked in Milan based company Semantyca in a team of 7 people. During this three years I taught my colleagues the front-end best practices and new frameworks or new tools, becoming a front-end tech lead. I also interacted with customers, to decide on the specifications and for post production.

Jul 2018

Full-stack JavaScript developer

I started to did some new features to the existings web products and bug fixing. After showing my potential to the team, I was included in the refactoring of all Botsociety ecosystem.

Jun 2017

Full-stack developer

I created a library that allows customers to use a full customizable video editor using pure javascript and developed the MainStreaming backoffice with Angular framework

Feb 2016

Full-stack developer

After demonstrating my aptitude for development, a tech lead selected me to initiate and lead a new AngularJS project, this product allowed our client to drive sales to new heights.

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